Activation of Economy Support Media Committee at AbuGhazaleh Forum Seeking to Use “Audiovisual, Printed and Digital” to Boost Economy

NNA – The Activation of the Economy-Support Media Committee – one of The Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum committees – held its first meeting during which it approved the selection and nomination of H.E. Dr. Tayseer Ammari as Chairman of the Committee and Ms. Amal Jarab from the Jordan Economic and Social Council as Rapporteur.
The main themes on the agenda of the committee included the use of audiovisual, printed and digital media for the development of the Jordanian economy.
Members stressed the importance of local media, as well as the use of modern media and technology in guiding youth who hold a central position as the drivers of future economic development. In addition, the integral role played by modern communication technology in contributing to the rapid transfer of information, particularly by social networking sites, was highlighted. They also pointed out the importance of the media`s role in the process of (Operation-Innovation-Leadership), as in the case of the the South Korean and Finnish model, and its positive impact on their citizens from a social and economic perspective.
The Committee highlighted the importance of the media`s role in guiding and informing young job-seekers of available job opportunities, as well as playing a key part in combatting the taboo culture attached to certain types of jobs and professions that is prevalent amongst the youth and within society as a whole. They also encouraged the young generation to move away from traditional careers as a main source of income, and to rely on personal innovation.
Moreover, the committee underlined the importance of the effective use of Jordanian media and the necessity for determining the most valuable and beneficial content to be used by both the official and private media sectors in order to attract investments into Jordan.
The Committee consists of the following members: Dr. Tayseer Ammari (writer and political analyst), Dr. Musa Al-Hussain (Jordanian Hashemite Fund), Mr. Tariq Al-Khadrawi (Rum News Agency), Mr. Tarek Al-Hayek (media), Mr. Bilal Al-Abwaini (journalist), Mr. Kazem Al-Jaghbir (Al-Anbat Newspaper), Mr. Ziad Al-Momani (Jordan News Agency/Petra), Ms.Nadia Al-Ghanim (Lawyer), Mr. Yousef Al-Abbasi (Director of Burger King Restaurants), Ms. Amal Al Tamimi (Jordan News Agency/Petra), Ms. Amal Ahmed Jarab (from the Economic and Social Council) and Ms. Hanan Al-Sheikh.

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