AlSayer Group contributes to lighting Syrian refugee camp in Akkar

NNA – The UN Environment Program (UNEP), represented by its Regional Director Iyad Abumoghli and Kuwaiti Al-Sayer Group, represented by the Chief Executive Officer in Al-Sayer, Mr. Hamed Al-Sayer are carrying out a field visit to Al-Rihaniyeh Syrian refugee camp in Akkar on Thursday 13 April at 11:30AM in cooperation with the UN Information Centre in Beirut.
The visit aims to assess the results of an initiative made by the UN and Al-Sayer Group that includes lighting tents and camp walkways and providing solar water heaters.
After long sufferings in combating injustice and cold weather, UNEP- through the generous financial support of its main partner Kuwaiti Al-Sayer Group- has contributed to lighting all tents and walkways and providing solar water heaters and portable solar panels that are easy to install and remove in case the camp`s location changes.
This initiative is the first of its kind in terms of using clean energy to cater to the basic needs of refugees in one of the largest camps in Akkar, known as Al-Rihaniyeh.
The camp includes around 1,000 people divided over 400 tents, mostly accommodating children, women and elderly.
The field visit aims at assessing the positive results of the initiative on people`s lives that contributes to providing basic humanitarian needs for refugees, mostly children, women and elderly.

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