Aoun in Council of Ministers: I reassure all that there will be no vacuum

NNA – President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, began on Monday the Cabinet session with a report on his recent participation in the Arab summit in Jordan, accompanied by Prime Minister Saad Hariri.
He also mentioned the Brussels conference and its results.
Aoun told the ministers that he had followed the last sessions of Parliament, noting that he would have preferred that issues raised in Parliament by members, including parliamentary blocs in the government, be debated.
“There is a void in the Parliament, and I would like to reassure all parties that there will be no vacuum, and the return to the Constitution and to the decisions of the Constitutional Council proves it,” the president added.
He finally noted that the Council of Ministers would start on Monday the debates on the electoral law, hoping that the meetings would be productive and achieve the required result.
“Our meetings will be open to achieve a result on this law,” he concluded.
For his part, Prime Minister Hariri reiterated the president`s remarks on the holding of open meetings on the electoral law.
According to his remarks, the ongoing talks between certain political forces must be pursued with all the others, in order to reach an electoral law. A law that required, in his opinion, sacrifices on everyone`s part.
Hariri explained the details of his participation in the Brussels conference, noting that this participation was beneficial.
According to his remarks, the international community was anxious to support the cause of the Syrian refugees.
He stressed the importance of helping Lebanon and investing especially in infrastructure and economy.
He also relayed the results of his visit to France and Germany.
The ministers then focused on the situation in the Ayn el Helwe Palestinian camp. They agreed on the need to install stability there, to deliver offenders to justice and to work to prevent the spread of strife, which could undermine the security of Sidon.
The Council of Ministers has also strongly condemned the two terrorist attacks perpetrated the day before in Egypt.

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