Baalbek International Festivals launched at Ministry of Tourism

NNA – Head of the Baalbek International Festivals Committee, Nella de Freij, launched the Baalbek International Festivals 2017 at a conference held this Wednesday at the Ministry of Tourism in the presence of Tourism Minister, Owadis Kidanian, Culture Minister, Ghattas Khoury, MP Assem Qanso and ranking dignitaries.
“We are a united and steadfast people against all forms of disagreement in the country. This government has proved capable of regaining the Lebanese people`s confidence, and we must, as Ministry of Culture, restore Lebanon`s faith in our cultural renaissance and civilization. We will be the support for every activity that leads to highlighting Lebanon`s cultural and civilized image, in cooperation with the Minister of Tourism who supports all tourist and cultural festivals,” said minister Khoury.
“A delegation from the Ministry of Culture will visit Baalbek on April 22 to launch the initiative to protect archaeological sites from natural disasters, a program carried out in cooperation with the UN,” he revealed.
The Minister of Tourism, for his part, said “We need love, life and joy with all the seriousness with which the affairs of the country are managed. This would give a glimpse of hope and perhaps draw a smile, and we need to reveal further this aspect of Lebanon.”
“I hope that, through these festivals, especially the Baalbek Festivals in view of Baalbek`s cultural and historical position, (…) we can motivate people to attend. I expect a promising summer season despite the negativity here and there. I believe it is high time we wake up from this nightmare,” Kidanian conclude.

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