Bassil: FPM will no longer back technical delay in case of manipulation...

Bassil: FPM will no longer back technical delay in case of manipulation in magnetic cards


Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil launched on Monday the Free Patriotic Movement’s electoral campaign for the upcoming parliamentary polls expected to be held in May 2018.”Our next electoral battle is for electricity,” Bassil said in a press conference at the ministries headquarter. “It is a shame that in 2017 we consider electricity, water, and other demands as a dream, but the dream will be reached.”advertisementBassil also announced that the FPM is open to alliances, praising Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the Lebanese Forces, and Hezbollah on the new vote law.“We are ready for the elections and we accepted the technical delay because of the magnetic voting cards,” basil added.The magnetic voter cards were introduced as part of the new electoral law to allow Lebanese to vote from any place.The foreign minister also said that the party would no longer back the delay if there is any sort of “manipulation on the subject of the magnetic voting cards.”Ministers extended on Wednesday the Parliament’s term by 11-months to give the concerned ministries time to prepare for the elections based on the new vote law.Elections are expected to be held on May 6, 2018.Breaking HeadlinesLebanon NewsFPM Lebanon Elections Bassil