Future bloc after weekly meeting: What happened in Ain Hilweh crime that puts national constants at high risk

NNA – Future bloc categorically considered what happened in Ain Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp as a characterized crime which puts the major national constants at high risk.
The bloc`s fresh stance came in a statement in the wake of its weekly meeting on Tuesday at the Center House, presided over by former Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, to discuss the overall situation in Lebanon and the region.
The bloc fervently condemned the deadly and destructive clashes spurred by an extremist group with external ties in Ain al-Hilweh camp in Sidon, resulting in dozens of deaths, wounded and huge destruction throughout the camp and its surroundings.
The bloc considered what happened in Ain al-Hilweh in terms of attempts by some to hit the security plan unanimously agreed upon by all the Palestinian factions and parties for the security of the camp and its environs, is a continuous and relentless crime against the mother cause, the Palestinian cause, and against Lebanon and its economy and civil peace.
“What is taking place in Ain Hilweh is a typical crime putting the major national constants at great risk, and ultimately falls in the context of the plots of the enemies of the Palestinian cause,” statement said.
Future stressed that the continuation of some extremist groups to sabotage the internal security of the camps and jeopardizing the Lebanese stability should stop immediately, reiterating its unyielding position adhering to the state, its departments and apparatuses, as an exclusive reference on the entire Lebanese territories.
The bloc congratulated the Lebanese, in general, and Christians, in particular, on the occasion of the holy Easter Eid, hoping that this glorious holiday brings with it blessed efforts that contribute to the strengthening of national unity and civil peace in Lebanon, including refusal to fall into any vacuum in the legislative authority.
On the other hand, the bloc categorically deplored the horrific terror crimes that targeted the worshipers in the Church of St. George in Tanta and the Church of St. Morcus in Alexandria, which were committed by the terrorist criminals from the terrorist organization Daash on Palm Sunday.
The bloc said these terrorist organizations are not whatsoever related to Islam in anything and are only part of criminal groups aiming at killing and intimidation as well as the implementation of schemes of those using them.
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