Gemayel Accuses Authories of ‘Tailoring’ Electoral Law According to Interests

Kaateb party leader MP Sami Gemayel accused the ruling parties of seeking personal benefits in each file being addressed including the new electricity plan submitted to the government and in drafting a new electoral law for the parliamentary elections.

Gemayel requested Speaker Nabih Berri to form an inquiry parliamentary commission to examine a file on leasing Turkish power generating vessels for the country.

“The name of the company from which Lebanon will lease power has been removed from the plan presented to the government. However, they forgot to remove it from other documents,” said Gemayel referring to an electricity plan approved by the government.

Referring to the issue as a “scandal”, he accused the ruling party of seeking personal gains in each file being addressed in the country.

Turning to the thorny issue of a new parliamentary electoral law, Gemayel said: “Since its formation four months ago, the government should have devised a new law but instead it waited for last minute measures and is trying to garner personal benefits and shares.”

The MP criticized the government’s Monday decision to form a ministerial committee to devise a new law voting system after binding deadlines have ended.

He held the political authority responsible for the repercussions, and accused them of seeking personal gains.

Gemayel invited the Lebanese people to hold the government accountable for its failure: “The ruling party is seeking to agree when there are shares and personal benefits for each. We urge the Lebanese to call for accountability.”

“The Lebanese people need a government that respects them and is keen on providing public service instead of personal gains,” said Gemayel.

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