Hariri Emphasizes ‘No Coordination’ between Lebanese and Syrian Armies

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday stressed that there is no coordination between the “Lebanese and Syrian armies” emphasizing that the country’s military forces are responsible to defend Lebanon’s territory.

“There is no coordination between the armies of Lebanon and Syria,” he said pointing out that the “Lebanese military will carry out a well-calculated plan in the outskirts of Arsal. The government gives it full freedom,” to react, said Hariri during a parliamentary meeting.

The Prime Minister stressed that Lebanon’s military forces are responsible to defend Lebanon’s soil, he said: “The army has the responsibility to fight in the border area and inside Lebanon’s territory and to protect the displaced Syrians on Lebanese soil,” pointing out that the “major problem lies in the undemarcated border in the outskirts of Arsal.”

He announced that the army is running investigation into the death of four Syrians who were detained during the Arsal raids.

“Three forensic doctors are running examinations. The results will be announced to the public,” said Hariri.

On coordination with Damascus to facilitate the return of displaced Syrians, Hariri said that dialogue will not solve the problem otherwise it would have been solved with Iraq and other countries which have good security ties with the Syrian regime.

Lebanon is waiting for the “green-light” from the United Nations with regard to the displaced, remarked the PM.

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