Hariri Marks Civil War Anniversary: Our Responsibility is to Prevent Another War

Prime Minister Saad Hariri marked the 42nd anniversary of Lebanon’s civil war and said that everyone in the country must help in preventing anything that leads to another state of war.

“When the civil war broke out in Lebanon no body knew it would last for 15 years, killing tens of thousands, wounding many and displacing the Lebanese people and destroying the economy,” said Hariri in a video released on his Twitter and Facebook pages.

“On this day, we must remember that civil war and we should know well that shall Lebanon fall, God forbid, in another we will never know when it would end,” stressed Hariri.

He said it is everybody’s responsibility to prevent Lebanon from sliding into anything similar.

The political authority has done its part at that level said Hariri: “At the political level we have done what we should to that end. We ended the presidential vacuum, the paralysis at the government, parliament and institutions.

“However, we need each one of you to help us deter the danger from any recurrent war,” stressed Hariri as he urged the Lebanese to help raise a vigilant generation and to “keep away from sectarian rhetoric that inadvertently feed the specter of war.”

“Lebanon deserves a chance for peace and stability,” concluded Hariri.

The Lebanese civil war erupted in 1975 and ended in 1990 by the Saudi-sponsored Taef accord.

About a fifth of the country’s population was lost during the conflict that pitted local and regional powers against each other.

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