Kanaan: We are determined to fight extension on behalf of Christians, Muslims

NNA – MP Ibrahim Kanaan asked after the meeting between the Free Patriotic Movement delegation and Maronite Patriarch, Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi, in Bkirki “What does the extension for the third time mean? Is it a rape of power? Should the loser be rewarded with yet another extension?”
“We, as Christians, take a stand today in defense of every Lebanese citizen whose will is being raped. This is out of defense of the constitution and of coexistence,” he said. “We are voting without you on the extension. Is this how we build the State and keep our promises?” he said.
“We are determined to face the extension on behalf of Christians and Muslims. Debate is acceptable and we still have some time left to agree on a new law,” Kanaan said.
“No one has the right to go beyond the constitution and the national partnership that brings together the Lebanese. This is not an option. It is our duty. We ask every believer in Lebanon to be the holder of a cause. We are waiting for you tomorrow,” he urged.
“We are facing a legal reality; a constitutional reality with the issue of existence and the right, and all the Lebanese must be one when Lebanon is in danger,” he said.
“This is an existential issue,” Kanaan said concluded.

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