Khoury says parliament two steps away from new election law

NNA – Culture Minister, Ghattas Khoury, said on Thursday that the House of Parliament was two steps away from reaching agreement over a new election law.
“However, things headed towards a sort of a confrontation among those who refused extending the Parliament`s mandate without a new electoral law and those seeking a law to be followed by a technical extension,” the Minister explained in an interview with “Orient” radio station.
“President Michel Aoun practiced his right by postponing the Parliamentary session for a month as per law item #59 of the Lebanese constitution,” the Minister said, adding that this will give extra time for drafting and endorsing a new law.
“If there arises a need for a technical postponement, due to constitutional deadlines which should be given electorates and candidates, then we can opt for a technical postponement for these elections, and then hold them based on a new law,” Khoury said.

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