Lebanon's Geagea Calls for Settling Syrian Regime Crisis to Resolve Terrorism

Beirut – Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stressed the need to resolve the dispute over Syrian regime head Bashar al-Assad remaining in power in order to reach a solution to terrorism.

“We have heard from the international community that it is not interested in whether Assad stays in power or not, but if we are acting in a comprehensive manner to reach a comprehensive solution to terrorism, we must not keep silent over Assad’s presence in power,” Geagea said.

“If we want a solution to terrorism, we must find one to the regime crisis in Syria,” he added during a joint conference on Monday with Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Maarab.

Regarding the Syrian refugees issue, Geagea said that it was time for the Lebanese government to conceive a plan for their return to Syria, in collaboration with international organizations.

“The most important thing is to not politicize this issue to avoid any political decision that we are not in need of,” the LF leader said.

“Any proposal to engage in ties with the Syrian regime only hinders the refugees’ return,” he added, hinting at calls by Assad supporters in Lebanon to hold direct talks with the regime over the refugee return process.

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