Marouni: Aoun's opportunity must be the last to reach new electoral law

NNA – Kataeb parliamentary bloc member, MP Elie Marouni said on Thursday that “the opportunity that President of the Republic Michel Aoun has given must be the last to reach agreement over a new electoral law,” noting that the President used his constitutional right and authorities and suspended the parliamentary sessions.
Marouni told “Al-Fajr” radio station if an electoral law has not been reached in a month time all issues will be revealed to the public as well as the reality of those who drove the country to this critical stage.
Marouni wondered who would shoulder the vacuum responsibility if a new electoral law has not been accomplished before 15 May 2017.
The MP accused Free Patriotic Movement of bringing tension to the Lebanese street.
Talking about the Kataeb position from the electoral law, Marouni said that his party presented the draft of individual electoral circles, but some parties refused to check and discuss it, noting that his party was open to Former Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

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