Persons injured, Fires ablaze in clashes in Ain Hilweh

NNA – A number of causalities were reported in the clashes in Ain el- Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, NNA correspondent said on Wednesday, adding that some houses ablaze, smoke was seen in the sky and residents continued to flee the camp.
NNA field reporter in Sidon said that two houses in Ras El-Ahmer region were on fire, adding that another house owned by al-Natour family also burned.
“We support the Palestinians` decision and the Palestinian consensus,” Mufti of Sidon Sheikh Salim Sousan stressed, underscoring the “need to resort to the language of reason and dialogue instead of that of gun and bullets.”
In turn, Bishop Maroun al-Ammar, the Patron of the diocese of Sidon and Deir al-Qamar of the Maronites, called upon the fighting parties in Ain el-Hilweh “to restore to reason, logic and faith so we live in peace together .”

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