Police Arrest FB Page Admin Suspected of Incitement against Army

Police has reportedly arrested a man said to be behind a Facebook page that published provocations against the Lebanese Army, media reports said on Monday.

Reports said that police detained a suspect who was identified by his initials as H.A. in the Taamir neighborhood in the southern refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh.

They said the suspect is the administrator of a Facebook page, The Union of Syrian People in Lebanon, that posted incitements against the army.

On Sunday, an invitation posted on the said page called “independent Syrian and Lebanese activists and civil society groups for a demo in solidarity with the Syrian refugees,” in Downtown Beirut.

Calls for rival demos at the same place and time by a number of Syrian and Lebanese groups and threats of violence from some parties have sparked concerns that the Samir Qassir Square in central Beirut could witness a Syrian-Lebanese clash on Tuesday.

The rival calls amid tensions sparked by the army’s recent raids on two Syrian refugee encampments in and around the northeastern border town of Arsal in which more than 350 Syrians were detained.

The mass arrests followed a confrontation between troops and a number of militants in the two encampments during which five men blew themselves up and others hurled grenades at the army.

The army said seven soldiers were wounded and a Syrian child was killed in the incident.

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