Pra-Ewusie residents want chieftaincy dispute settled

By Afedzi Abdullah, GNA

Pra-Ewusie (C/R), April 10, GNA- Some youths and elders at Pra-Ewusie in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District of the Central Region have threatened to take the law into their own hands if a chieftaincy issue in the area was not settled by the Regional House of Chiefs as a matter of urgency.

According to them, the dispute which had claimed several lives and property, started in 2014 and had created unnecessary tension in the community, despite several efforts to get the Regional House of Chiefs and the Regional Police Command to settle it amicably.

At a press conference to express their sentiments, Mr Kwesi Boafo, Ebusuapanyin (Head of family) said they had lost confidence in the Police and would therefore use any available means to resist any attempt to impose a new Head of family on them.

 Mr Boafo said, the family with approval of the Anomabo Traditional Council which it owed allegiance to successfully installed him as the new Head of family after the old one passed on.

He noted that it was customarily wrong for a new head of family to be installed when one had been put in place already.

He however alleged that since his installation in 2014, Kwame Duku from gate one, of the five gates, had been harassing, brutalising and kidnapping people in the community all because he wanted to be the head of family.

“We cannot have two heads of family for the same community. I was rightfully installed in 2014 and gazetted upon approval from our traditional council and don’t understand why some people are scheming to install a new Ebusuapanyin”, he lamented.

Mr Boafo stated that for a long period, members from gate one had been occupying the position in the community, but it was detected that they could not bring any major development to the area, hence the decision to take it from them.

Explaining further, he indicated that the traditional council had approved the installation of a new Ebusuapanyin from either gates four or five since there has already been four people from gate one ascending the throne since 1900.

“Our Omanhen thought it wise to give the two gates the opportunity this time and it settled on me”, he stated.

They have therefore appealed to the new government to impress upon the Regional House to resolve it to restore calm to the areas to avoid any possible bloodbath.


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