Saudi Arabia Urges Citizens against Travel to Venezuela

Saudi Arabia warned its citizens on Tuesday against travel to Venezuela due to the unstable security situation, said the Interior Ministry according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The Interior Ministry’s Director of Public Relations and Media Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Maroul explained that the ministry had received from the Foreign Ministry information that a number of people were being detained by Venezuelan authorities at Caracas International Airport over the instability in the country.

The Saudi embassy in Caracas cited popular protests by the opposition that have witnessed looting, as well as violent clashes between the police and protesters.

It also said that a number of Saudi nationals have traveled to the South American country despite the instability, adding that most of them are students, who are visiting friends, and that they are unaware of the situation in Venezuela.

Maroul stressed the need for citizens to abide by rules and regulations for their own safety. They should coordinate with any embassy before traveling to any country in order to be aware of the situation there and to take any necessary precautions.

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